Java Unit Benchmark Framework
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JBenchX is a framework to write mirco benchmarks for your Java(tm) classes as easily as you write unit tests using the well-known JUnit framework. There is an Eclipse plug-in available for running benchmarks directly from within Eclipse.

Release 0.3.0

A new version of JBenchX is available! This release fixes some bugs and brings a cool new feature:

The @ForEachType annotation. It is best explained with an example:

public Object createObjectArray(@ForEachInt({10,100,1000}) int size) {
  return new Object[size];

This will tell JBenchX to run the benchmark once for each given size!

Initializing Benchmarking Framework...
Running on Linux Linux
Max heap = 1392508928 System Benchmark = 21.6ns
Performing 3 benchmarking tasks..
[0]	Example3.createObjectArray(10)*************	36.3ns
[1]	Example3.createObjectArray(100)**********	283ns
[2]	Example3.createObjectArray(1000)************	2.40us

There are annotations for all matching java base types: @ForEachBoolean, @ForEachDouble, @ForEachFloat, @ForEachInt, @ForEachLong, @ForEachString.

Another new feature you can see from the output above is that JBenchX prints some basic information about the system that is used for running the benchmark. It also computes a system benchmark. This is useful to detect changes in the load of your computer which will affect the benchmark result!

Posted on 30 October 2011.

Web Pages Update

The web pages are now created using Jekyll.

Posted on 09 October 2011.