Release 0.3.0
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A new version of JBenchX is available! This release fixes some bugs and brings a cool new feature:

The @ForEachType annotation. It is best explained with an example:

public Object createObjectArray(@ForEachInt({10,100,1000}) int size) {
  return new Object[size];

This will tell JBenchX to run the benchmark once for each given size!

Initializing Benchmarking Framework...
Running on Linux Linux
Max heap = 1392508928 System Benchmark = 21.6ns
Performing 3 benchmarking tasks..
[0]	Example3.createObjectArray(10)*************	36.3ns
[1]	Example3.createObjectArray(100)**********	283ns
[2]	Example3.createObjectArray(1000)************	2.40us

There are annotations for all matching java base types: @ForEachBoolean, @ForEachDouble, @ForEachFloat, @ForEachInt, @ForEachLong, @ForEachString.

Another new feature you can see from the output above is that JBenchX prints some basic information about the system that is used for running the benchmark. It also computes a system benchmark. This is useful to detect changes in the load of your computer which will affect the benchmark result!